If you have a large closet in your home that isn't get much use, you might want to turn it into a reading nook. This is especially beneficial for a child who only needs a small amount of space, and could use a private, quiet area to read. Here are some tips for converting a closet into a reading nook.

Add a Sitting Area

One of the first things you need in a reading nook is a sitting area. The size of the closet and how you want to set it up will determine what type of seat to have in there. For example, if it is extra-small, you might not want to put a chair, but instead have some soft cushions on the ground where your child can cozy up and read their favorite book. However, if it is a walk-in closet, you likely have space for a small table and chair for reading, and possibly even a bench. If it is a larger walk-in closet, you may even have room for traditional sitting furniture for teenagers or adults.

Include a Place to Store Books

Naturally, you will also want somewhere to store your books in the reading nook. You might not need all of the books you own, but gather a good collection of them. This is not only convenient for you or your child who will be using it, but it helps to add some décor to the reading nook as well. For a larger quantity of books, consider adding a slim bookshelf into the closet, placing it on one wall. This allows you to store a large collection of books and magazines. When you are working with less space and simply want some wall shelves, you can set them up to where your child's favorite books are placed in the shelves with the front covers showing.

Install Good Lighting

Your closet likely has minimal lighting, as it is only set up for choosing your clothing and shoes for the day. For a reading nook, you need excellent lighting, so think about what you have room for. If the closet is larger, you might have a side table next to the sitting area where you can place a lamp to illuminate the space. Other closets are more set up for installing twinkle lights around the closet or can have a hanging light installed. You may need to contact an electrical contractor to install sufficient lighting in the closet.

Add Some Décor

If there is any room left, consider adding a few decorative elements to the reading nook. This can be a poster that shows the cover of your child's favorite book, or perhaps hanging an original copy of your own favorite children's book on the wall. You can add artwork that your child drew to frame and place on the wall as well.