Since incandescent lighting is being phased out, many homeowners are updating their lighting designs. This can involve installing new light fixtures or just changing a few light bulbs. To get the most from your investment in a new home lighting design, you may want to consider doing a combination of different improvements, such as adding outdoor solar lights and changing light bulbs to LED or CFL technology. You may also want to consider improvements like installing recessed lighting and using LED light strips. Here are some lighting design ideas that will help you get the most energy savings:

1. Changing Outdoor Lighting To Solar Powered Systems

The outdoor lighting around your home can provide security and safety, but it can also use a lot of electricity. To reduce your energy costs, consider installing solar-powered LED lights outdoors. These can illuminate landscaping and provide entrance lighting. When choosing where to put these lights, make sure that they are in a place that you can reach. This is because you may have to clean the solar panels or change batteries in these lights.

2. Replacing Light Bulbs In Your Home With LED Or CFL Lighting

Replacing light bulbs is one of the first things that you will want to do, but you will want to choose the best technology to use for different lights in your home. Since LEDs are costly, you can use CFL light bulbs for the lights in your home that do not get as much use and only use LED lights for the areas you use the most.

3. Changing Outdated Fixtures With Newer Systems That Help You Save

There may be outdated fixtures that you want to update to allow for different types of lighting solutions. This can include changing a fixture to low-voltage, which can allow you to use renewable energy from solar panels to power lights. You may also want to preserve retro lighting fixtures by just having them rewired or replacing them with refurbished fixtures from a lighting store.

4. Improving Your Home Lighting Design Using Recessed And Strip Lighting Solutions

The lighting design in your home can also include adding lighting, which can be done with recessed and strip lighting. You can use smaller, brighter lights to install in recessed can lights. For strip lighting, you may want to consider installing LED strips in trim or under cabinets. There are also LED light strips, which can allow you to control them with a remote to change the color or brightness of your lighting.

Some of these ideas can help you get the most from changing the lighting in your home. If you are ready to start changing your lights, contact an electrical service like Action Electric and talk with them about the needs of your home when it comes to lighting design.