As your child turns into a teen, the use of their bedroom will drastically change. What was once a playroom will likely transform into a social hub that allows them to use electronics and connect online with a variety of friends. To help your child transition into their teenage years, you can install a number of electrical upgrades inside of the room. The following four electrical upgrades can made the room more functional and give the teen plenty of options for their growing needs.

USB Outlets

Along with standard plugs, a number of new electronics and technology uses USB ports for charging. An electrician can upgrade the wall outlets in the room to feature USB charging ports. It's easy to fit multiple ports into the room. This gives you teen plenty of options for charging cell phones, laptops, and tablet devices. Charging ports can be placed next to beds or desks for easy access within the room.

Lighting Options

As your child transitions into a teen, they will likely start caring more about their looks and personal appearances. A variety of lighting upgrades in the bedroom can help them try on clothes, use mirrors, or complete daily routines like getting ready for school. One of the lighting options to consider is track lighting. This lighting features a number of small lights based on a moving track. The lights can be pointed and adjusted in multiple directions. Not only can these lights help illuminate the whole room, but specific lights can be used to help illuminate study areas and other sections of the room.

Intercom System

A lot of teenagers love to spend hours in their room. Instead of constantly shouting through the house to get their attention, you can create effective communication with the installation of an intercom system. An electrician can install an intercom system through multiple rooms in the home. This allows you to call your teen down for meals or chores, or it can help them wake up in the morning. It can help bridge the gap of communication and allow you to talk with your child anytime.

TV Connection Ports

Teenagers often receive the privilege to have their own TV in their room. If this is the case for your teenager, then you can make the installation easier with a variety of connection ports. After choosing the ideal location for a television, an electrician can install outlets, cable lines, and mounts to easily place the television. This will give your child the best way to view and enjoy TV on a daily basis.

By planning out these upgrades and designs with your teen, you can bond over the room design and give them something that is functional on a daily basis. For more information, contact Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc or a similar company.