Are you trying to figure out why the lights always flicker in one of the rooms of your house? There are various things that can cause lights to flicker, and you might need to hire an electrician to get to the root of the problem in case your house is at risk of catching on fire. Before that, though, this article will go over a few of the possible reasons lights can begin to flicker in a fixture.

1. Bad Bulbs

One of the most common causes of flickering lights is bad bulbs. Even if you recently replaced the bulbs, it does not necessarily mean that they are in good shape. Before assuming that you are dealing with a serious problem, it is a good idea to invest in a new set of bulbs for the light fixture. If the lights still flicker, move on to the next possibility.

2. A Faulty Fixture

Flickering lights are sometimes the result of a malfunctioning fixture. It is possible that your light fixture has become old and worn out. An old light fixture is likely to have damaged wires that have become rusty. The rust on the wires can interfere with the amount of electricity that is making it to the bulbs in the fixture. You don't want to continue using an old light fixture because it can lead to the wires sparking up a flame. It is wise to invest in a new fixture and hire an electrician to install it for you if you don't feel confident in this skill.

3. Frayed Wires in the Ceiling

If your house has old wiring, it is possible that the wires in the ceiling are frayed. The bad thing about frayed wires is that they can cause electrical arcing to happen. Basically, electrical arcing is the result of electricity not flowing through to the fixture in a smooth manner because it jumps between conductors. The wires in the ceiling can also overheat when electrical arcing takes place, which can lead to your light fixture short-circuiting. It is important for the frayed ceiling wires to be repaired by an electrician before you continue using the light fixture.

4. Low Amps in the Electrical Panel

If you only notice the light in the fixture flickering after using more electronics in your house, it is a sign that your electrical panel is unable to handle the power demands of your house. Walk around your home to observe if other lights flicker, as even a slight flicker from other lights is a sign of a widespread electrical problem. Speak to an electrician from a service like Conway Electric about upgrading the electrical panel or installing a sub-panel to solve the supply problem.