Making improvements to the inside of your home is mainly for you and your family, as people passing by are not going to see anything other than the outside and possibly a glimpse of the inside. If you have already transformed the inside into something that you love, you may want to change up the outside. While you can improve this space in many ways, one of the best methods is through additional lighting.

Garage Door

It is beneficial to illuminate such a large part of your home's exterior. If the walkway to your home passes the garage door, you will want to make sure it is illuminated for safe walking at night. As for lighting design, a single-car garage can fit one overhead light in the middle or two lights on the side, both pointing downward. If you have a larger garage, you can add more lights depending on the importance of lighting. For instance, you may want to show off a decorative wooden garage door, but if you have a plain door, you can keep the lighting to a minimum to showcase other parts of the home's exterior.


Lighting up your windows is another great way to add attractiveness and make your home more secure. Keeping them illuminated at night will deter people from trying to break in through the windows. To keep the lights from causing an undesirable glare on your eyes when looking outside, you should install them high up on the eaves or on the top corners of the windows so they do not shine into your home.

Front Door

The front door is one place that you want to have well-lit, and a single porch light may not be enough. Adding a light fixture on each side of your front door is an easy way to fix this problem. It also gives you a great opportunity to choose intricate fixtures that improve the front entrance's overall look.


The overhanging eaves are where most of the action is going to happen with outdoor lights. They are just the perfect place to mount lights on, and they can help you light up your whole home from the outside. Whether you are showcasing the front door, windows, or garage door, you can almost always use the eaves as a way to add extra lighting when you do not want to mount lights to the siding.

Better lighting is one way to showcase your home's features such as the landscape, windows, front entrance, and other desirable characteristics. Although some dedicated do-it-yourselfers may find themselves installing the lights on their own, you are almost always better off getting professional help from electricians who know exactly what they are doing. They can even help you pick the optimal placement of lights, so hiring one should be an easy decision to make.