Renting out a property that you own for the first time is a major accomplishment. Eventually, the tenants that you approved and that moved in will eventually want to move out. Your main goal should be getting the property ready for listing again to resume your monthly earnings in the near future. It is best to be thorough to avoid having tenant problems later on, so an electrical checkup is ideal.

Heating and Air Conditioning

One thing that an electrician will check out is the heating and air conditioning system. While an HVAC professional can do a further inspection of the systems, an electrician will make sure the electrical components are working as intended. If the heater or air conditioning system is not operating correctly, even if it is not related to the electrical parts, they will inform you and you can get help elsewhere.

Smoke Detectors

Although it is easy to do smoke detector checks on your own, you can get help from an electrician with making sure they are all operating as intended. They can even help you install new smoke detectors, which will run you about $127 for each one that you decide to add to the rental property. Another idea is to install carbon monoxide detectors in the rental to further protect your tenants.


It is also important to do a full inspection of the appliances in the rental. You do not want tenants visiting the rental to see if they want to turn in an application, only to find that appliances are not working. You are better off waiting until you know that everything is working and then listing the rental. If you plan on replacing appliances, you should do it before getting an inspection to make sure they work after installation.


Another aspect that should not go overlooked is the lighting in the home. Every light fixture should be working properly and providing the right amount of light according to bulb wattage. It is also helpful to check which power sockets work with which light switches so that you can tell your tenants. This will make it easier for them to create a mock floor plan for where their main lights will go before moving in.

An electrical checkup by a professional like RDS Electric is a smart move before listing your rental, and it is helpful because you can show the report to your tenants to make them feel more confident about having you as a landlord.