If you own a dishwasher and it has a touch control panel, then you may notice that each touch button has a small light next to it or directly underneath it that lights up when a button is touched. If the light does not light up anymore, you may want to have it replaced. A non-working light will not be able to tell you if that feature of the dishwaser is working or not, nor will it alert you to the fact that you signaled the dishwasher to use that cycle for your dishes. To replace this light (or lights, if you have more than one non-functioning light) you will need an electrician and here are three reasons why.

The Touch Control Panel Is Part of the Door

The touch control panel is part of your dishwasher's door, which means that the door has to be dissassembled down to its most basic parts to get to the LED lights. This is not do-it-yourself territory, as you probably do not own most of the specialty tools you will need to take the door off of the dishwasher and then take it apart. Additionally, you may encounter some parts of the door that should not be forced apart or you may have to replace the entire door and not just the LED lights in the touch panel.

The LED Lights Are So Tiny That Only Precision Tools of an Electrician Can Get Them

Once the door is off the hinges and taken apart, your electrician will need to use some of his or her precision tools to get to the LED lights and remove them carefully without breaking them. These same precision tools are used to put the new lights in. Tiny, thread-like wires connected to an electrical plug-in chip are positioned and then carefully plugged in. Incorrectly plugging in the new LED lights and wiring may lead to a second dismantling of your dishwasher door to fix the new problem, so it is best left to your electrician. He or she will double-check the installation of these tiny components to make sure they work before putting the door back together.

There Is Something Else Wrong with a Control Button

If your electrician gets inside the control panel only to find that there is something else wrong or something more serious, then you may be glad you called him or her in the first place. The non-working lights may be indicative of a worse electrical issue, one that could have nasty consequences for your home as well as your dishes. Then the electrician can fix this new problem or you can choose to scrap the dishwasher and trade up for a new one that the electrician, like JF Electrical Contractors, Inc, can install for you.