With a sudden pop in the middle of the night, the power goes out and you and your family are left in the dark. Even though power outages are a fairly common thing, being stuck in the dark when it happens at night can still be a dangerous thing if you're not careful. If you are stuck in your house with no power in the middle of the night, there are a few simple safety rules to keep in mind that will ensure the safety of your household. 

Avoid using candles for light. 

Candles should really only be used during a power outage if you have no other form of light. This is especially important at night when there could be a chance that someone could fall asleep with a candle burning, which is a leading cause of house fires across the country. It is much safer to rely on flashlights, which can often provide light for hours with one set of batteries. If you must use candles, make sure they are stable and burned only under a watchful eye. 

Bring everyone into the same room. 

When there is no power in the house, it will be much easier to keep tabs on everyone if they are in the same room. Additionally, keeping only one room lit with your flashlights or battery-operated lamps is much more feasible than trying to give everyone some form of light. In the winter, there is an advantage to bringing everyone into the same room during a power failure because you will stay warmer.  

Call a 24-hour electrical service for advice. 

If your power goes out suddenly and you are the only house on the block without electricity, make sure you turn off your main breaker and call a 24-hour electrical service (such as Direct Current) for advice. Not only will they be able to give you helpful advice over the phone, they will most likely dispatch someone right away who can take a look and make the necessary repairs. Some electricians even have a policy for overnight customers in which they promise to be at your home within an hour or two if you need help.

Don't forget to lock your doors and windows. 

During a power outage, your home is left more vulnerable to people who have ill intentions. Any home security system you have in place will likely be compromised and the veil of darkness will make it easy for someone to slip into your home unnoticed. Double check your doors and windows and make sure they are locked and secure.