If the lights inside your house are flickering or dimming, even if it's brief or intermittent, it's something you need to be attentive to. There are many reasons for things like this to happen, including some potentially serious electrical issues. If you've seen this type of fluctuation happen more than once, it's time to start narrowing down the source of the problem. Here are a few things to consider.

Loose Wiring

One of the most common causes of a lighting fluctuation like this is a loose connection on a wire. Whether it's the circuit breaker or the outlet itself, a loose connection won't be able to transmit the power consistently, which causes that fluctuation or flicker in the lights. The good news is that it's easy to fix. If you shut off the main power breaker, you can remove the circuit breaker panel from the wall and tighten the loose connection.

Outdated Wiring Systems

If your home's wiring is older, it increases the risk of surges and other fluctuations. If you purchased an older home, there's a chance that the original wiring may still be in place. That can lead to excess power demand on those older electrical circuits, because they weren't designed to support the kind of draw that subject things to.

Most of the electronics and household appliances that we use every day will put greater strain on an older wiring system than you'd think. If you see those fluctuations more often when you're running multiple appliances or electronics at one time, that's a key indication that you have system overload. You'll need to have the wiring system upgraded right away to avoid a potentially dangerous short or fire.

External Power Supply Problems

In some situations, the fluctuation has nothing at all to do with your wiring or anything else inside your home. It can be the result of fluctuations in the actual power feed that's supplying your home. If your local electrical company is having surge problems, it can cause fluctuations and flickering in your home's lighting. You can rule this out by calling your local power company to see if there have been any recorded issues in your immediate area.

If you aren't comfortable troubleshooting your home's wiring issues, reach out to a local electrician, like O Toole Electrical Services Inc, who can test all of the wiring and help you determine the source of the issue. In addition, an electrician can ensure that everything is repaired properly according to the building code.