When a power outage occurs, we can typically outlast the issues with some bottled water and dried foods. The tank pets that we take care of do not have the same versatility. Whether it's a fish living in a salt-water tank or a snake ready for its next meal, it's important to have proper back-up solutions for when the power goes out. One of the more ideal options is a standby generator. These generators are permanent installations on your home and can offer solutions for any power issues that may occur. When taking care of your pets, there are multiple advantages to using these generators.

Instant Power Transfer

When you're not home, you may not know the exact time that the power goes out. If this is the case, then your tank pets can lose out on the proper lighting, heating, and filtration needed to keep them alive and healthy. When a standby generator is installed, it is automatically turned on when a power outage occurs. The generator is connected to natural gas lines or a propane tank. This allows you to have instant power without needing to go out and purchase gasoline or other supplies. When you arrive home, you can feel comforted knowing that your pets are still getting the proper tank care and treatment that they need.

Direct Connections

A standby generator is connected to a sub-panel on your home's main electrical grid. This will make a power outage easier to manage because your home will use the same outlets and electrical connections that it already has. There is no need to move or transfer your animal to another location. You also do not need to run extension cords or set-up an elaborate system just to have extra power for your home. Your tank pets can remain undisturbed and follow their usual routines.

Food Sources

A standby generator can also keep power maintained for freezers and refrigerators. This can make a huge difference on food sources available for your pet. Many tank pets require refrigerated foods as a part of their proper diet. For example, many types of snakes feed on frozen mice or rats. By supplying generator power to the refrigerator, you can ensure that the food does not spoil and your pets have plenty to eat during the power outage. Generators can handle different amounts of wattage, so when looking for different models, ensure that you have one that can handle your fridge or freezer needs.

Contact an electrician like Kevin's Electrical Service LLC for more information on setting up standby power generators for your home. Having the extra insurance can make a huge difference while you protect your pet.