Although they don't provide the same kind of direct protection that motion sensors do, motion lights require less effort to maintain and will succeed in intimidating all but the most determined burglars. While choosing where to place your motion lights is relatively easy if your front and backyard are almost entirely empty, fences and other kinds of obstacles make your task more difficult. Check out these three common household objects and how to integrate motion lights with them for extra security.

Wooden Fence

When you don't have a fence, it's often a good idea to strew your motion lights throughout your backyard so that no area of it is unaccounted for. However, if a burglar has already taken the trouble to scale your fence, there's little chance that he'll be deterred by lights further into your property's interior.

In this case, instead of concentrating your lights in the interior of your backyard, put some on the corners of your fence and some right on top of it. The burglar is much more likely to abandon your home if a light suddenly shines right at him while he's in the process of climbing over the fence.

Swimming Pool

Since the water and the pavement around the water take up so much space, a swimming pool drastically limits your options for security light placement. During the day, you could end up tripping on a clumsily placed pavement light while you're moving in and out of the water.

One way to mitigate this problem is to construct tall platforms on the swimming pool pavement to keep your feet far away from the lights. Installing these platforms right on the corners of a rectangular pool pavement layout will improve your backyard's aesthetic appeal in addition to its security.

Children's Playground Set

It's important to deprive the burglar of any cover from your security lights. Even if you're not at home, the psychological security provided by cover will significantly reduce the effectiveness the lights.

If your backyard includes a large obstruction, such as a children's playground set, think about setting one of your lights right in the midst of it. In order to ensure that no one trips on the light, you can install it on the top of a swing set bar or on the underside of a slide. If connecting the light to the rest of your home's electrical system via wires proves too difficult, check out your options for solar powered security lights.

If you're interested in adding lighting around your property for added security, talk to an electrical company like DCS Electric about your options.